Summer Course

The First Online Demidov School Summer Course
will run July 15 to 21, 2020 (Russian-speaking track)
and July 23 to 30 (English-speaking track)

The Online Summer Course will be taught by the Head of the International Demidov Association and leading specialist in the Demidov Technique, Professor Andrei Malaev-Babel. It will be dedicated to Nikolai Demidov's approach to working on a role. Sarah Kane, a leading specialist in Creative Speech from the UK, will co-teach on the English-speaking track.

The Demidov School Summer Course is currently in its fourth season. In 2017 and 2018 it took place outside of Moscow, in the scientific community of Puschino, as part of the International Demidov Summer School. In 2019, it moved to the Stanislavsky House-Museum in Moscow, where Professor Malaev-Babel was joined by his long-time collaborator Sarah Kane (UK), who, during the first session, introduced course participants to Rudolf Steiner's Creative Speech. Professor's Malaev-Babel's trusted assistant, Julia Volokitina, co-taught second session. This coming summer, for the first time, summer course will take place in virtual space. Participants in previous summer courses (2017-2019) included actors, directors and teachers from the US, UK, Germany, Brasil, Australia, Poland and Ukraine.
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